Discount Overnight Printing For Non-Profits And 501(c)3 Groups!

Discount Printing For Non-Profits, Even For Rush Jobs!Are you part of a nonprofit or 501(c)3 group who needs fast, cheap printing for nonprofits? Do you work with a group that does good work, but has a limited budget because you subsist on donations of those who believe in your cause? 501(c)3 printing can be expensive, especially for capital campaigns when it needs to look its best. Print Farm has the answer.

Print Farm has developed a program enabling printing discounts for nonprofits. Education and Arts organization printing doesn’t have to be as large a part of your annual budget as it currently is! By building a relationship with Print Farm, you gain the ability to earn discounts based on total printing volume combined, rather than the volume of any individual order.

That’s on top of the already low prices in our discount nonprofit printing program. Instead of spending hours of volunteer time (or the time of your very limited paid staff!) to figure out who’s got the cheapest printing this week, we have a better solution. A relationship with Print Farm means that you always know you’re getting the best pricing overall and the best quality, from someone who really understands your goals and objectives and wants to help you attain them.

Reach out to Print Farm today to see how your charitable organization printing can cost less money and give higher quality results!

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